The Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars (ACWWS) was formed in 1994 to continue the momentum sparked by the 1988 Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars conference organized by Prof. Selwyn Cudjoe (then of Wellesley College), and thereby advance works by and about Caribbean women. The ACWWS celebrates and circulates the literature, orature and multidisciplinary research about Caribbean women, provides a forum for critical examinations of this body of work, increases awareness of the Caribbean diaspora, and fosters a climate of cooperation among all linguistic and cultural groups of the Caribbean.

In January 2015, ACWWS initiated a reorganization process headed by ACWWS President Meredith Gadsby, ACWWS Vice President Giselle Anatol, and members of the Executive Committee.

The crown of the renewed Association will be its revamped website and Facebook page. Both will serve as forums that will feature updates on our next conference as well as ACWWS’s award-winning journal, MaComère: Journal of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars.

During this restructuring process, current members as well as those interested in joining ACWWS are encouraged to contact the President Giselle Anatol at or navigate to for more information.

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