The Mission, or Objectives, of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars shall be:
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To disseminate and otherwise promote the literature and orature of Caribbean women; to provide a forum for the advancement of the critical study and teaching of the works of Caribbean women writers and scholars; to publish a journal, MaComére, dedicated to the work of writers and scholars of Caribbean literature; to promote an awareness of the global presence of Caribbean peoples; to support multi-cultural activities connected with the Caribbean and/or Caribbean peoples; to foster a climate of partnership and cooperation between all linguistic and cultural groups of the Caribbean region; to establish a network of scholars, teachers, artists, and cultural workers who do work on women in the Caribbean; to promote scholarship on Caribbean women's writings, art and cultural production in general

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- 2012 Conference
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CALL FOR PAPERS: Panama in the Caribbean: the Caribbean in Panama
ARTICLE SUBMISSIONS: Critical Caribbean Studies
CALL FOR PAPERS: Perspectives from Other Cultures Translating Culture
CALL FOR PAPERS: West Indian lit Conference 2013 EXTENDED DEADLINE: 4 AUGUST 2014


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