1988     "Caribbean Women Writers"
Selwyn Cudjoe, Wellesley College

1990     "The Woman, The Writer and Caribbean Society"
Helen Pyne-Timothy
University of the West Indies, St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago

1992     "The Caribbean and Female Vision in the 21st Century"
Joceline Clemencia, University of the Netherlands Antilles

1994     Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars founded
21 May, Pittsburgh, PA

1996     "Winds of Change: The Transforming Voices of Women"
Adele Newson, Florida International University

1998     "The Construction of Caribbeanness in the Works of Caribbean Women Writers"
Helen Pyne Timothy and the University of the West Indies

2000     "Binding Ties: Transnationalism – The Caribbean and its Diaspora"
Linda M. Rodriquez Giglielmoni, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Puerto Rico

2002     "Unveiling the Caribbean: From Diversity to Coherence"
Hanetha Vete-Congolo, GRELCA and UAG

2004     "Liberatory Poetics in Caribbean Writing: Gender and Nation Re-configurations"
Ylonka Nacidit-Perdomo, National Library of the Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

2006     "Caribbean Woman Writer as Scholar: Imagining/Theorizing/Creating"
Carole Boyce Davies, Florida International University

2008     "Traditions and Legacies, Revisions and Interventions: Caribbean Women Writing in the 21st Century"
Antonia MacDonald-Smythe, St. George's University

2010     "Caribbean Dislocations/Caribbean Diasporas"
Angeletta Gourdine, Myriam Chancy, Louisiana State University

2012     "The Caribbean, the Land and the People: Women's Efforts, Women's Lives"
Ismene Krishnadath, Karin Lachmising, Hilde Neus, Teachers Training Institute

2018     "The Unexpected Caribbean Symposium"
Cécile Accilien and Giselle Anatol, University of Kansas

2021     "Writing about Caribbean Gender and Social Justice Virtual Conference"
Prof. Opal Palmer Adisa, University Dir. of the Institute for Gender & Development Studies @ The Universities of the West Indies, Mona
Dr. Donna Aza Weir-Soley, ACWWS Vice President

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