There are many incentives to becoming a member of the Association of Caribbean Women Writers and Scholars! These include:

  • An exclusive subscription to the ACWWS e-newsletter
  • Membership in a premier academic and cultural community related to the study, celebration, and circulation of creative writing and critical works by and about women of the circum-Caribbean and its diaspora. We also welcome other artists, professionals, and scholars from a diverse range of fields (e.g. law, health/medicine, religion, education, history) who wish to engage in a rich dialogue about Caribbean/Caribbean-diaspora women, gender, and sexualities
  • Graduate student and junior faculty mentorship
  • Opportunities to be considered for a graduate student writing award
  • The ACWWS Membership rates are fixed and must be paid annually. All those who present at ACWWS symposia and conferences must be dues-paying members in good standing. The ACWWS no longer offers Lifetime Memberships.

Annual Dues

USA and Europe
Scholars and Professors with Full-time Appointment: US$100.00
Full-time Grad. Students, Adjunct Professors, and Independent Scholars: US$ 50.00

Caribbean and Africa
Scholars and Professors with Full-time Appointment: US$ 50.00
Full-time Grad. Students*, Adjunct Professors, and Independent Scholars: US$ 25.00

Institutional: US$300.00

*Please submit copy of student ID

We are updating our form and transitioning to a new EB. If interested in becoming a member please contact us:
ACWWS - or
Donna Aza Weir-Soley, President -,
Daniele Bobb, Secretary -, and
Allison E. Francis, Treasurer - for more information.

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